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Utilizing the Strangulation Supplement: Providing Guidance & Credibility for Investigations

Room D October 18, 2018 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Kelsey McKay

Felony statutes recognizing the lethality and seriousness of strangulation assaults have been passed in the majority of states. Stiffer laws recognize the gravity of this form of violence and its ability to predict future homicides, both for domestic violence victims and police officers. However, the criminal justice system has failed to implement necessary protocols or training to provide police officers guidance to investigate and collect the unique evidence necessary to hold these violent offenders accountable. As a result, many cases are rejected for prosecution and law enforcement is left without guidance. Attendees will learn to overcome common challenges strangulation presents, including lack of external injury, lack of victim, and missed and misunderstood evidence. This workshop will walk police and first responders through the implementation of the Strangulation Supplement and provide tips on how to conduct a quality strangulation investigation.  Through training and implementation of the trauma-informed strangulation supplement, first-responders can collect valuable and credible evidence for prosecutors to gain convictions. Participants will be motivated to improve the quality of their response through multidisciplinary investigations.