Keynote: A Dialogue with a Victim – The Illuminations Program

Auditorium October 19, 2018 8:15 am - 9:45 am

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Dr. Heather L. Pfeifer

The story behind the creation of Illuminations and “A Dialogue with a Victim.”

Illuminations is a portfolio of artwork and companion written materials created by two brothers who were sexually abused by the same offender during their childhood. The boys’ desire is that by sharing their story, it can help to broaden others understanding of the experience and behavior of victims, the impact such experiences has on families, and the mindset and behavior of perpetrators, thereby enable them to respond in a more empathic manner when working with victims of crime. This interactive training provides participants with the opportunity to explore each individual piece of the artwork and its corresponding written material in a manner that engages them through dynamic discussion about the experience of victimization and explores different communication skills that can help to facilitate interviews with victims and witnesses and reduce the likelihood for retraumatization.

“Open a door. Reflect on the past. Reflect on the future. And, lift the wall of silence…”

NOTE: In addition to this keynote, Dr. Pfeifer is also presenting three workshops as part of The Illuminations Program.