Parental Alienation, Intimate Partner Violence and Child Psychological Abuse

Room E October 18, 2018 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Saihba Ali
Monika Logan

Parental alienation is a vicious extension of post-separation power and control dynamics. Denial of a child’s relationship with a (non-abusive) parent and isolation from that parent and his/her extended family and friends is considered to be a form of child psychological abuse. The plight of alienated children is deplorable, and removing one parent from a child’s life impacts children’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral development. It is imperative to acknowledge, understand, identify, prevent, and heal this unnecessary suffering. When a parent is irrationally rejected by a child, and the relationship becomes severed, both the child and the rejected parent suffer. Children may endure trauma, and adults often experience an ambiguous loss. There are inter-generational implications for the parent, child, and extended family. The presenters have experience in working with alienated children, families, and survivors of intimate partner violence.