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Ethics for the Real Practitioner – PART 1

Room C October 19, 2017 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Sarah Feuerbacher

Ethics for the Real Practitioner – PART 1

Sarah Feuerbacher

SMU Center for Family Counseling, SMU Masters of Counseling Program

Clinic Director, Clinical Assistant Faculty

In this two part session, learn how to prepare and intervene when faced with ethical dilemmas that affect practitioners on a daily basis.

Dr. Feuerbacher will highlight current ethical guidelines, how to identify ethical dilemmas when working with certain populations, review effective models, share current resources and useful interventions.

This presentation focuses on ethics for mental health professionals and how a practitioner may prepare for in advance or intervene on-the-spot when faced with ethical dilemmas that reflect situations that impact real practitioners on a daily basis in just about every work environment.

The presentation highlights the current state guidelines, identifies ethical dilemmas when working with certain client populations, discusses effective theoretical models and impactful interventions relating to ethics and ethical dilemmas, and identifies current resources to assist practitioners.

Audience members will interact through a genuine discussion of their experiences, as well as participate in an engaging and enlightening hands-on activity.

Participants will:
-Review and identify significant ethical guidelines
-Process current and relevant ethics dilemmas that practitioners face
-Identify ways to intervene in order to prevent ethical missteps