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Keynote: A Silent or Active Voice to Broken Families

Room C October 20, 2017 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Reverend Canon Steven Saul

Keynote: A Silent or Active Voice to Broken Families

Reverend Canon Steven Saul

Christ Church

Exec. Dir. for Ministry and Operations

Any organization (especially the Church, Mosque, or Synagogue) has a response to victims of domestic violence.

Sadly, the attitude of leaders may be: “This does not happen within my congregation.” In any organization (in addition to places of worship), we must be willing to support awareness and realistically understand that victims need an advocate. In this session, we will look at the importance of responding to the needs of the victims and families facing domestic violence.

Emphasis will be made to encourage organizations and places of worship to acknowledge that domestic violence is many times avoided in public and often regarded as something that is absent in the local community. This session will discuss ways to build greater awareness and encourage places of worship to be resources to the “least of these.” (those hurting with violence in the community).

This workshop is designed to support those who interact with victims/families of domestic violence to better facilitate awareness in organizations (communities, neighborhoods, places of worship, and even places of employment). ┬áThe likelihood of encountering a family experiencing domestic violence is great. It is important for civil servants, health care professionals, school employees and those interacting with the general public to build awareness and help organizations avoid the ideology that domestic violence is not a problem “here.” It is a problem.

Organizations must avoid denial and support the recognition of domestic violence when it is present. Those advocates who serve in our communities give voice to the plight of domestic violence and build awareness of the great need for victims.

Session Objectives:

1. Leadership in an organization may be unaware of the prevalence of Domestic Violence in their community (or organization). Assuming if it has never been addressed or verified – it does not exist. Building awareness is essential.

2. Clerical persons or faith institutions are not necessarily seen as places for support for the victim of domestic violence. Building awareness is essential.

3. Those who contend that family abuse is not a problem in all socio-economic and all racial environments perpetuate violence and leave families of violence as long-term victims. Building awareness is essential.