Pets Lives Matter According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, over 71% percent of battered women reported that their abuser had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or to psychologically control and coerce them. This high percentage has to stop and make you wonder…were there signs of animal abuse that people ignored? When the post man or woman delivered the mail, did he/ she ever notice anything unusual about Fluffy, the family pet. When the police were called out to the home on a domestic violence call, did they notice Fluffy’s behavior? Did they even ask the victim if the perpetrator ever assaulted Fluffy? This workshop will discuss the current animal cruelty laws, the intersection between animal cruelty and offenses against people, the difference between identifying animal cruelty and neglect and the importance of having an open line of communication between law enforcement, social service agencies, victim advocates and the District Attorney’s office.