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Attorney, Denton County Friends of the Family

Donna Bloom is an attorney with Denton County Friends of the Family where she exclusively represents victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in a broad range of civil legal matters, including divorce, custody disputes, CPS issues, housing concerns and protective orders. Before joining the team at DCFOF, Ms. Bloom served as a staff attorney with the Texas Advocacy Project. Donna’s 26 year professional commitment to ending violence against women and children has included her legal career and a host of roles with the Family Place and New Beginning Center, including victim advocate,community educator and Executive Director of the Women’s Center of East Texas. During her time at the Women’s Center of East Texas she saw first-hand the overwhelming need victims of domestic and sexual violence have for legal assistance, especially the importance of having an attorney who appreciates the complexities involved in this type of victimization and the intersection with civil legal remedies, and made the decision to attend law school and devote herself to this cause. Ms. Bloom is a recognized expert in the intersection between domestic violence and the child welfare system. She also regularly lectures and provides professional trainings on effective victim advocacy within the civil and criminal justice system