Collin County Council on Family Violence sponsors Advanced Training for Law Enforcement.

Lt. Mark Wynn (retired) visited North Texas in September (2017) to speak to Law Enforcement on the Collin College Frisco Campus.

Wynn served as a lieutenant to the Domestic Violence Division and SWAT team in Nashville for fifteen years, consults for the National Stalking Resource Center and the Department of Justice, and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.

During this September 26th training, titled “Leadership and Liability- Lessons Learned in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking,” Wynn explained to participants that Intimate Partner Violence is different than any other crime Law Enforcement Officers face. He said when police come to the scene of a domestic violence incident they are not observing an “event,” but instead a “process.”

During a domestic violence call, officers are only seeing one piece of the story of abuse and violence because “context is everything.” Wynn advised listeners to “draw a contextual picture” by looking at all the various pieces that led up to this particular incident.

Other feedback from attendees:

“Mark Wynn is excellent. Second to none.” –local police sgt

“Great information from lethality assessment to help keep Officers safe”

 “As a supervisor, this course brought out several liability issues that I will take back to my agency”

“Excellent course. Great speaker”

“Mark Wynn knows Family Violence dynamics and how to apply them better than any speaker I’ve seen”

“This course gave me a better view in assessing threats in Domestic Violence”

“As a patrol officer, I feel better equipped to handle the dangers of Domestic Violence”

Wynn will return and provide the keynote plenary session during the North Texas Family Facing Violence Conference, October 18-20, 2017.